Archived SwmmBkup Files from the

2023 - 2024 Swim Season at the
 NEISD Aquatic Center
Except as may be otherwise be noted, all are from High School Competition!

SwmmBkup Files are generated by Meet Manager. When Restored back into Meet Manager, a variety of data can be re-created, including, Results, Commlinks, Scores, etc. The file dates are self-explanatory.
To download, right click and Save Link As... to some location on your computer. Then Restore the File into Meet Manager.

 Swmm8Bkup2023 AAAA-NE September Splash*  Swmm8BkupSC TAGS24*
 Swmm8Bkup2023 BFTC  Swmm8BkupTAPPS TCSQ 2024
 Swmm8Bkup2023 DJFC  Swmm8BkupTAPPS State TS24
 Swmm8Bkup2023 SZT Qualifier  Swmm8BkupTAPPS State TS14
 Swmm8Bkup2023 SZT Swim & Dive Champs  Swmm8BkupTAPPS State TS34
 Swmm8Bkup2024 4A State Champs  Swmm8BkupUIL 2024 District 26-5A Swim & Dive Champs
 Swmm8Bkup2024 5A State Champs  Swmm8BkupUIL 2024 District 27-6A Swim & Dive Champs
 Swmm8Bkup2024 6A State Champs  Swmm8BkupUIL 2024 District 28-6A Champs
 Swmm8Bkup2024 UIL Region 76A4 Champs  Swmm8BkupHS Generic MM Set Up

*USA Swimming Sanctioned Club competition!