Alamo Area
Aquatic Association

Judson / Metrocom USA Swimming Program


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Head Coach: 

Bob Renfrew

E-mail address:


Coronado pool


506 Coronado Blvd
Universal City, TX 78148-3180

Pool phone:


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The SwimFreak Shop is our team's official supplier of equipment.  Please click on the logo below to browse their catalog and order items on line.


Congratulations to the following swimmers who attended
85% or more of the July club practices. 

Hannah Borland

Michael Borland

Denis Borrero

Isaiah Brown

Evelyn Bruner

Holly Bruner

Nathan Bruner

Devon Dockery

DJ Dziergowski

Jessi Dziergowski

Steven Dziergowski

Hillary Esplen

Alicia Hale

Asher Hartman

DeAsia Hartman

DeZion Hartman

Judah Hartman

Victoria Horn

Anna Isler

Faith Lawler

Mila Rodriguez

Sky Rost